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New Showreel: Summer 2017

Here’s my latest Reel. Featuring some personal work, along with my contribution to the E3 2017 Warhammer ‘Lizardmen’ Trailer:


Nike: World Cup at Glassworks London

After eight years away from London I have come full circle to where my animation career began with the superb peeps over at Glassworks. We had a lot of fun working alongside Passion Pictures for the World Cup this summer.The final renders completed by Juan, Julian and Roman (artists at Glassworks) are tremendous and I’m …

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Directing Actors at the NFTS

I have just returned from the Directing Actor’s course at the NFTS in London. What a trip. I’ve always wanted to direct and so I decided to get my teeth into it this year. The course really gave us a chance to feel what it’s like to be a director, both in rehearsals and on …

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Verhoeven’s ‘Robocop’ and Chaplin’s ‘Modern Times’

In making Robocop, Verhoeven speaks often of his many influences. However I can find no mention of Charlie Chaplin, or his movie ‘Modern Times’. Please takea look at the following video to see the many similarities between the two films. In my opinion Verhoeven heavily referenced ‘Modern Times’ when building the ED-209 going haywire scene: …

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Time for an update!   Here’s a short animation reel from my time at FiftyEight 3D in Frankfurt: quicktime version available here   Here’s the final commercial (you can see which shots I animated from the reel above):   And a making of:   And here’s a little shot I animated recently for the ‘Der …

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