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Verhoeven’s ‘Robocop’ and Chaplin’s ‘Modern Times’

In making Robocop, Verhoeven speaks often of his many influences. However I can find no mention of Charlie Chaplin, or his movie ‘Modern Times’. Please takea look at the following video to see the many similarities between the two films. In my opinion Verhoeven heavily referenced ‘Modern Times’ when building the ED-209 going haywire scene: …

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brando – rebel without a cause screentest – 1947

This was originally released on Sky News in the UK. The reporter said that it was a screentest for the 1955 Rebel Without a Cause movie… however this was incorrect. The truth is, the lines Brando reads were from a partial script written in the late 40′s. Warner Brothers had attempted to create a film …

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the invisible!

Rowan Atkinson shows that it only takes one character to carry a scene. The other character / props can all be suggested by the performance. Genius stuff!   The invisible drums   The invisible piano   The invisible tormentor


breaking the routine

I’ve been analysing a ton of Charlie Chaplin stuff for my new iAnimate assignment. There’s a beautiful example of ‘breaking the routine’ during the boxing sequence in ‘City Lights’. Breaking the routine is where a routine or a pattern is established (something happens the same way, or a similar way, around 2 or 3 times). …

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